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I am a birth doula certifying with DONA International. I offer mothers and their families in Statesboro and the greater Bulloch County area professional, continuous support before, during, and after birth to help them embrace the next phase of life with increased confidence and satisfaction.

Serving mothers and families with continuous support through their desired birth experiences.

Whether guided by wisdom passed down or her own direction, I am a dedicated proponent of a woman approaching childbirth how she desires so that her experience leaves a positive impression on her.

With this aim, I serve mothers and their partners in the greater Statesboro-Bulloch County area and surrounding regions as they realize their desired birth experiences. I offer encouraging, comforting, and informing support through individualized, continuous attention that affirms personal birth choices—ultimately promoting confidence, satisfaction, and overall well-being as families embrace the next phase of their experiences.

Photo courtesy of Oak and Honey Photography

Photo courtesy of Oak and Honey Photography


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Why a doula?

As conceived by DONA International, a birth doula “is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to a mother before, during, and shortly after childbirth [as she achieves] the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.”

A birth doula thus serves as a constant labor companion whose only focus is you, as the birthing person, and your experience during pregnancy, labor, and birth. This service hearkens to the normalcy, benefit, and importance of nurturing care and support during these life stages. It likewise perfectly complements and enhances the care provided by your maternity care providers.

Doula support offers your partner freedom from having to know all of the answers, and therefore affords your partner a greater sense of relaxation, space to be in the moment with you, and an increased ability to care for you on an emotional level.

Photo courtesy of Oak and Honey Photography

Photo courtesy of Oak and Honey Photography

Importantly, intangible outcomes—such as an increased sense of well-being, satisfaction, and confidence—are also widely described by moms and families who utilize doula support.

Research cites further benefits of working with a birth doula, including:

  • No adverse effects

  • Increased likelihood of shorter labors

  • Increased likelihood of vaginal birth without the use of forceps or vacuum

  • Reduced likelihood of reporting negative feelings about childbirth experience

  • Reduced use (as desired by the birthing person) of neuraxial analgesics (e.g., epidural)

  • Reduced likelihood of giving birth by cesarean

  • Reduced likelihood of baby having a low five-minute Apgar score

As a birth doula, I serve you and your partner by providing the comfort, encouragement, and informational resources you seek for a fulfilling birth experience using techniques such as:

  • Light massage and counterpressure

  • Position suggestions

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Encouragement and emotional affirmations

  • Continuous presence

  • Resource identification, interpretation, and discussion of options

  • Communication facilitation with your maternity care team

  • And more


Individuals caring for laboring women should remind themselves that the birth experience is a long-term memory . . . The difference between negative and positive memories of the birth experience depends not only on a healthy outcome but also on a process in which the woman was respected, nurtured, and aided.
— Penny Simkin


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